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General information

Setup automated backups[edit | edit source]


Database backups[edit | edit source]

For example, use automysqlbackup and send the daily/weekly backups to an aws s3 bucket

Maybe follow this tutorialor similar. Also, would be nice to keep daily backups for past month, but then only weekly longer than that. Not sure how to do that, but I'm sure it's been done before.

Note: the s3 bucket needs to be secure as it contains logins[citation needed]

Alright, that's done. Now I need to probably test the process of loading from the backups to make sure it is working[edit | edit source]

Also, need to create a backup of the LocalSettings.php configuration file. And the /images directory once ppl start uploading files here...

Create repo with full configuration scripts/instructions to restore the wiki from a backup.[edit | edit source]

probably will more the wiki to a cheaper lightsail server soon, since it's using <800Mb of ram, hopefully 1Gb will be enough. and in a year, probably will handoff the server to someone else

Page / data backups[edit | edit source]

Another option is to Export or Publish the mediawiki and upload the data to a public git repo.

Ideally, the wiki could also be published to static-pages hosted by GitHub pages

That way, there will always be a read-only copy of all the pages

Looking at using to translate xml dumps to html

Alternatively, is basically a web-scraper so it's kinda dumb to webscrape your own server but whatever

Make sections for 1st year FAQ[edit | edit source]

Looks like someone already started:

Setup email server[edit | edit source]

Done; gmail account created

Update: no longer friends with gmail, aws ses is my new best friend

Secure secret keys[edit | edit source]

Also, configure SSL[edit | edit source]

Should be fairly easy to do (using AWS route 53 rn)

... Ok, this is done. I mostly followed (using the Route 53 hosted zone to add the TXT stuff to) but had to make a few changes to the apache2 configuration. Right now it seems to work, and it auto-redirects http to https. I had to edit the default 000 configuration and add ServerName and ServerAlias, and ran certbot --apache. I really need to put a step-by-step tutorial or something for myself and others so I remember how to do it...

There was also one thing in the config that I forgot about:$wgServer, had to change it to https or editing wouldn't work (got REST error)

Renewing Let'sEncrypt certificate[edit | edit source]

run: sudo certbot --preferred-challenges dns certonly --manual -d ',*'

As prompted, update TXT entries in AWS Route 53

You can use a website like this oneto check if that worked.

Then, reload apache: sudo service apache2 restart ...and then check for a new expiration date for the cert using browser

Configure account creation[edit | edit source]

Require GT emails to create an account[edit | edit source]

Something similar to this:

also, require account to edit lmfao[edit | edit source]