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Welcome to the Georgia Tech Student Wiki![edit | edit source]

This wiki is a collaborative effort by Georgia Tech students to develop a student-driven information repository on all things Georgia Tech. This wiki is meant for anyone seeking information on courses, clubs, traditions, guides - anything affiliated with the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Get Involved![edit | edit source]

Join the GT Wiki Discord server to ask questions, interact, and collaborate on the growth of our wiki together! We're always looking for new contributors, and we have a wonderful community that's happy to help out.

A great way to get started with contributing is by reading current pages and fixing any mistakes you see!

We're always looking for users to write up course pages for classes they've taken. These should follow Guidelines:Course Pages as best as possible; you can also look at existing course pages for reference. It's okay if you're unsure about how something should be implemented - feel free to ask questions on the GT Wiki Discord server, and any inconsistencies that slip through can always be fixed at a later point.