Student Organizations

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Georgia Tech allows student groups with ten or more members to register with the school. These organizations become "Registered Student Organizations" or "RSOs" and gain access to a variety of resources. Some of these are outlined below.


Access to the GECH (Growth Exchange Communication Hub) Slack Workspace:

Please fill out this form so that you can be added to the GECH 2021-2022 slack workspace. You can also send this form to your organization's new leadership team to have them join the slack workspace.

Apparel Licensing:

-Rules are pretty simple - anything you print you just need to ask them and they will tell you if it is within rules.

-Email prior to printing anything for permission/approval.

-Using a trademark (including the words “Georgia Tech” or “GT”) requires vendor with licensing rights.

- has full guidelines.


-Step #1 - Treasurer needs to complete SOFO training.

-Step #2 - Bill and Budget Submission through JacketPages

-Step #3 - Bill goes before JFC to be read according to policy guidelines

-Step #4 - Spend money SOFO reimbursement or P-card.

Learn more at

Space Reservation:

-Space bookings are online via the GTEvents website, (

-For larger events site will put through to building manager + EPC

-Officers with “Room Reservation Access” on engage should have access to Chartered Room Reservation, which can be done within 3 days instead of 7. Email [[1]] for help with this.

Gatech Email Address:

-You will need to work with your Advisor to request a shared mailbox via this form:

Gatech Campus Listserve:

-You will need to head to and go through the forms to setup a campus listserve.

Leadership and Engagement Opportunities:

-GOLD Route -

-CSE Oppertunities -

-More CSE Opportunities -