Law, Science, and Technology (Minor)

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A brick building, featuring a courtyard below it, on a cloudy winter day.
The D. M. Smith Building. The School of Public Policy resides within this early-20th-century building.

Law, Science, and Technology is a minor program at Georgia Tech, falling under the School of Public Policy and within the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts [1]. Georgia Tech considers this minor to be a "Pre-Law" program. It is intended to give students a view of the legal world, permitting educated decisions to be made before attending law school. It is also intended to develop a student's ability to excel in law school by emphasizing class discussion and writing exercises in its curriculum.

The program is managed by Professor Chad F. Slieper, J.D.

Degree Requirements[edit | edit source]

LST - Minor Requirements
Course Description
PUBP 3610 Pre-Law Seminar
Law, Science, and Technology Electives 12 hours[2]

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